About The Cash Rice Network

What is the Cash Rice Network?

The CRN is an independent, California based rice brokerage. The CRN uses this website as a primary tool to facilitate transactions and transparency in the market, but also does business the “old fashioned way” using phones, a paper contract, and a tailgate.

The Cash Rice Network is wholly owned by Stuart Hoetger and Logan Wilson. They have come together to create a hub of market information for the CA rice industry. The Cash Rice Network values market transparency, integrity, and liquidity.

All sales by the Cash Rice Network—either through the website or done on paper contracts—are posted on the historical transactions page. We are confident this will help provide greater insight into price discover for the CA rice producer and marketer.

Philosophy and Method

Philosophy: The owners of the Cash Rice Network agree that a free market and competition creates a healthy industry. However, if anyone has been involved in the CA rice market, it is obvious that price discovery is difficult and the market is rather opaque. Therefore, we have developed the Cash Rice Network as an independent rice brokerage to help shed some light on market, and develop a mechanism to increase access to price discovery.

Method: We will post all sales that we transact on the historical transactions page without bias. It is simple—a market is when a buyer and seller agree on a price for a transaction, and money is transferred from one account to another in exchange for a good or service. We are simply going to make as many of these market transactions available to industry stakeholders so they can better mitigate risk and plan for the future.


Stuart Hoetger

Stuart grew up in Southern California and after graduating from UC Davis in 2008 began working in Corporate Finance. He then transitioned quickly into the rice markets as an agricultural economist and market advisor.

Stuart is fluent in Spanish and spends much of his time abroad in Central and South America. He also has spoken at rice events in Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, throughout Central America, Singapore, and of course, the United States.

On the weekends Stuart and his family regularly engage in outdoor recreational activities such as basketball, ultimate Frisbee, hiking and camping.

Logan Wilson

Logan grew up in Northern California in a small community with strong agricultural roots. After he graduated from UC Davis in 2006 with a BS in Managerial Economics, he worked in banking and finance for two years before transitioning into CA agriculture and rice. Shortly after entering the rice industry, Logan earned his MBA and now teaches classes in the Marketing, Finance, and Management Department at CSU, Chico.

Logan manages a CA rice marketing cooperative, contributes regularly to economic newsletters, and owns a real estate brokerage with Hoetger.

In his free time, Logan enjoys being in the outdoors with his wife and three sons either camping, hunting, or fishing.